Linguistically annotated multilingual comparable corpora of parliamentary debates in English ParlaMint-en. ana 4.0

ParlaMint-en.ana 4.0 is the English machine translation of the ParlaMint.ana 4.0 ( set of corpora of parliamentary debates across Europe. The translation is linguistically annotated similarly to the original language corpora (but without UD syntax), and with the addition of USAS semantic tags ( Because of the addition of semantic tags the UK corpus (ParlaMint-GB) is also included. The translation to English was done with EasyNMT ( using OPUS-MT models ( Machine translation was done on the sentence level, and includes both speeches and transcriber notes, including headings. Note that corpus metadata is mostly available both in the source language and in English. The linguistic annotation of the speeches, i.e. tokenisation, tagging with UD PoS and morphological features, lemmatisation, and NER annotation was done with Stanza ( using the conll03 model (4 classes). The annotation of MWEs (phrases) and tokens with USAS tags was done with pyMusas ( Note that the English in the corpora contains typical NMT errors, including factual errors even when high fluency is achieved, and any use of this corpus should take the machine translation limitations into account. The files associated with this entry include the machine translated and linguistically annotated corpora in several formats: the corpora in the canonical ParlaMint TEI XML encoding; the corpora in the derived vertical format (for use with CQP-based concordancers, such as CWB, noSketch Engine or KonText); and the corpora in the CoNLL-U format with TSV speech metadata. The CoNLL-U files include MT-generated word-alignment and pyMusas USAS tags, as well as the tags and lemmas produced for the purposes of semantic tagging by Spacy (, when they are different from the default annotations. Also included is the 4.0 release of the sample data and scripts available at the GitHub repository of the ParlaMint project at and the log files produced in the process of building the corpora for this release. The log files show e.g. known errors in the corpora, while more information about known problems is available in the (open) issues at the GitHub repository of the project. As opposed to the previous version 3.0, this version adds corpora for United Kingdom (GB), Spain (ES), Finland (FI) and the Basque Country (ES-PV); extends the corpora for Austria (AT), Czechia (CZ), Hungary (HU), and Ukraine (UA) with more recent data; adds USAS semantic tags to all corpora; adds metadata to political parties and parliamentary groups on left-to-right political orientation from Wikipedia, as well as CHES variables; adds the information on whether a speaker was a minister and when for the corpora that previously lacked this information. The TEI encoding of some details has also changed, and many errors found in 3.0 corpora have been corrected.
Kuzman, Taja ; Ljubešić, Nikola ; Erjavec, Tomaž ; Kopp, Matyáš ; Ogrodniczuk, Maciej ; Osenova, Petya ; Rayson, Paul ; Vidler, John ; Agerri, Rodrigo ; Agirrezabal, Manex ; Agnoloni, Tommaso ; Aires, José ; Albini, Monica ; Alkorta, Jon ; Antiba-Cartazo, Iván ; Arrieta, Ekain ; Barcala, Mario ; Bardanca, Daniel ; Barkarson, Starkaður ; Bartolini, Roberto ; Battistoni, Roberto ; Bel, Nuria ; Bonet Ramos, Maria del Mar ; Calzada Pérez, María ; Cardoso, Aida ; Çöltekin, Çağrı ; Coole, Matthew ; Darģis, Rober
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Slovenian language resource repository CLARIN.SI
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