Deskribapen laburra: 
Personal teacher for language learning
Egileak (ixakideak ez direnak): 
Igor Leturia, Arantza del Pozo, Eva Navas,...(Berbatek proietua)
Esteka (beste batzuk): 
For the field of education, we have created a demo of a personal tutor in language learning. And the tutor assists us in various tasks: we can do grammar exercises (verb conjugation, word inflection...) and reading comprehension exercises (fill in gaps in a text, choosing from several options) that are created automatically from texts using technology from IXA; we can evaluate our pronunciation, with Aholab technology; or it can give us aids for writing texts, such as inflection of words, writing of numbers or querying dictionaries, by means of technology from IXA and Elhuyar.
This tutor is a 3D avatar that shows emotions, developed by Vicomtech-IK4, which speaks Basque and understands what is said in Basque, using Aholab's technology.
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