Deskribapen laburra: 
Rule-based Dependency Grammar for Basque
Egileak (ixakideak): 
The present computational dependency grammar has been developed based on linguistic knowledge. By means of the mapping rules that constitute the Grammar, a dependency tag is assigned to each word of the sentence, and it is also specified the direction in the sentence of the governor of each word; that is, the syntactic dependency between two words (the governor and the dependant) is realized based on the Dependency Grammar’s Theory (Tesnière, 1959). The mentioned mapping rules have been written using the Constraint Grammar formalism (Karlsson et al., 1995). Once the texts are analyzed by the parser, the syntactic trees of all the sentences of real texts are obtained.
This Grammar has been used for the development of the parser which is based on linguistic knowledge (Aranzabe, 2008); it is the basis of the syntactic analysis’ module of the Saroi tool, created for error detection (Oronoz, 2009); it has been used in the Hibrido Sint project (MICINN, TIN2010-20218), whose aim is the combination of the parsers that are based on rules and on statistics.
It is the first grammar for Basque based on the Dependency Grammar; it offers the possibility to syntactically analyze huge real texts; it jumps from partial syntactic analysis to the complete analysis.
Euskal gramatikaren parte esanguratsua Dependentzia Gramatikaren eredura moldatu bada ere, egun osatzen ari den lana da hau.

Although a representative part of the Basque grammar has been adapted to the Dependency Grammar, the present grammar is currently being completed.