Towards Zero-Shot Cross-Lingual Named Entity Disambiguation

In cross-Lingual Named Entity Disambiguation (XNED) the task is to link Named Entity mentions in text in some native language to English entities in a knowledge graph. XNED systems usually require training data for each native language, limiting their application for low resource languages with small amounts of training data.

One Way or Another: Cortical Language Areas Flexibly Adapt Processing Strategies to Perceptual And Contextual Properties of Speech

Cortical circuits rely on the temporal regularities of speech to optimize signal parsing for sound-to-meaning mapping. Bottom-up speech analysis is accelerated by top–down predictions about upcoming words. In everyday communications, however, listeners are regularly presented with challenging input—fluctuations of speech rate or semantic content. In this study, we asked how reducing speech temporal regularity affects its processing—parsing, phonological analysis, and ability to generate context-based predictions.

Hacia el análisis de sentimientos en euskera

Este es un resumen de la tesis escrita por Jon Alkorta bajo la supervisi ́ondel Dr. Koldo Gojenola (Departamento de Lenguajes y Sistemas Inform ́aticos) yel Dr. Mikel Iruskieta (Departamento de Did ́actica de la Lengua y la Literatura)y presentada en la Universidad del Pa ́ıs Vasco (UPV/EHU).


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